Updated May 2022

54 Event Ideas for Co-Working Spaces 2022

Here is a list of the coworking space event ideas I’ve collected over the last year as I worked on Gohono, a free platform helping your coworking startups self-organize all these types of events.

Yoga Mornings

These mornings tend to work best when everyone is already experienced with yoga, and you don’t need a lead instructor. It is useful to decide ahead of time if it's a self-instructed group, a beginner group or advanced. Those with Yoga experience will want to focus; those without might want to socialize and chat. You can device to create a "Focused Yoga Morning" vs "Open Yoga" (aimed at any experience level and any interest). The Open Yoga Mornings are best to have a short duration time of 30 minutes, allowing more socializing and to help complete beginners commit to attending a shorter time commitment.

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Python/Ruby Demo Days

similar to demo days for startups showcasing their business, programming language demo days help engineers showcase new libraries and tools that they have found and use(or want to use).

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C-Suite Lunches

weekly lunch for CEOs and/or CMOs. Lunches can be as simple as a walk to the local takeaway cafe shared by CEOs or similar.

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A customer of ours wanted to organize a mindfulness group, based on the idea of Calm App et. al. initial her group didn’t get much interest, as she started it as an ‘Event’ (fixed point in time and place). We worked with her to change to using our ‘Social Groups’ to build up interest first, before creating an event and it resulted in a 10x increase in members that met at different times during the week. Luckily, for her, her coworking space was near a good park and it was almost natural for people to do Yoga and Mindfulness breathing classes. There is a big trend with mental health (finally!) and mindfulness technqiues.

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VP or ‘Head of’ Roundtables

any staff level that managers others have a shared problem of building soft skills around how to manage staff members. Some of these are best learned from examples from others in similar situations. A roundtable can simply be a story from a single member as a use case that can be discussed for 30–40 minutes.

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Open Breakfast

an 8 am breakfast time for both internal and external people (hence ‘open’) to use as a way to chat.

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