Grups Socials

for Coworking Places

A collaboration platform designed for coworking spaces to increase member engagement and reduce attrition by using social groups and events to connect their members and their community based on similar interests and goals

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How is Gohono different?

  • Your members can self-organize social groups reducing the effort for your staff to manage events

  • Social Groups are small 3-4 people groups helping your members meet more frequently without a lot of effort

  • Gohono focuses on offline engagement and uses casual activites like walking to the cafe, or going to the park as low effort activities

  • Our AI helps your members pick suitable topics increasing the amount of engagement opportunities available for your members

  • End Result: Your members meet more frequently and have more personal connections reducing membership attrition

Per què Utilitzar Gohono?

  • Social Groups help your members connect with other professionals increasing your membership referrals

  • Your members can suggest topics for social groups and create their own social groups helping you understand your members more

  • Our data and insights dashboards help you to understand your members reducing the risk for you to organize larger traditional events

  • End Result: Gohono is FREE for 1 coworking space location helping you to immediately add value for your members

Com funciona El Gohono?

  • Gohono connects your members based on their interests reducing the effort for your members to discover each other

  • We use a Taxonomy of interests, Web Chat and RSVP features to increase connections between your members

  • We use AI to automatically help your members pick a meeting point, a day and a time for their social group.

  • End Result: Gohono helps your members self-organize small social groups increasing their engagement and reducing the effort for you to organize events

Quin tipus d'activitats?

Gohono creates online chat groups (Social Groups) for small groups of 2-5 people that have a shared interest.

Activities can be as simple as sitting and chatting about photography or more complicated like a demo day.

  • Demo Day
  • Yoga Mornings
  • Pre-Summit Events
  • Games Night
  • Mindfulness
  • Investor Q&A Chat
  • Startup Weekend
  • Pre-Launch Groups
  • Open Breakfast
  • Hackathons
  • Hobby-to-Work Day
  • Fitness Groups

Per què Utilitzar Gohono?

  • Cost efectiu

    Free for 1 coworking space location
  • Increased Marketing

    Your coworking space becomes a Meeting Point
  • Immediate Value

    Members can create custom groups immediately
  • Sense formació del personal

    Gohono maneja RSVP, xat, suport i gestió
  • Hands-off Operations

    Gohono's AI can automate creating groups
  • Purposefully Designed

    Gohono is designed for coworking spaces

English Español Deutsch
Français Italiano Українська

  • Multiple Languages

    Gohono is international and growing
  • Learn

    Learn from what members suggest and create
  • Test

    Experiment by creating topics and groups
  • Engagement

    View engagement levels and re-test

Quins són els beneficis?

  • Members Insights

    Understand who your members are and what they enjoy
  • Xats En Grup

    Automatically create group chats for global events that matter to your members
  • Grow Community

    Promote your coworking space to external event organizers
  • Members Analytics

    See how your members engage with your profile
  • Member Communication

    Communicate with your members using chat instead of email or adverts
  • Creix

    Help group organizers grow their group and accommodate larger events in your coworking space when the time is right

Propers Passos

You can create your coworking space business profile. We'll help you understand which topics will suit your coworking space.

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