Soziale Gruppen
Events Platform

for Coworking Places

A free events platform designed for small groups that want to meet weekly

How is Gohono different?

  • Privacy is top a priority

  • Our AI is the Event Host

  • Small 3-4 people groups

  • Groups meet more frequently

  • Stronger personal connections

  • Low effort "simple activities"

  • Groups grow into traditional events

  • AI automates creating groups

Warum Gohono verwenden?

  • Increases membership referrals

  • De-risks organizing traditional events

  • Free for 1 coworking space location

  • Increases community engagement

  • Immediately adds value for members

  • Data and actionable insights

How does Gohono work?

  • AI connects people based on topic

  • AI recommends locations and acitivities

  • Online chat connects people

  • Our RSVP helps people to meet

  • Our AI helps social connections

Welche Art von Veranstaltungen?

Gohono creates online chat groups (Social Groups) for small groups of 2-5 people that have a shared interest.

Activities can be as simple as sitting and chatting about photography or more complicated like a demo day.

  • Demo Day
  • Yoga in der Früh
  • Pre-Summit Events
  • Spieleabend
  • Mindfulness
  • Investor Q&A Chat
  • Startup Weekend
  • Pre-Launch Groups
  • Offene Frühstück
  • Hackathons
  • Hobby-to-Work Day
  • Fitnessgruppen

Warum Gohono verwenden?

  • Kostengünstig

    Free for 1 coworking space location
  • Increased Marketing

    Your coworking space becomes a Meeting Point
  • Immediate Value

    Members can create custom groups immediately
  • Keine Personalschulung

    Gohono kümmert sich um RSVP -, chat -, support-und management
  • Hands-off Operations

    Gohono's AI can automate creating groups
  • Purposefully Designed

    Gohono is designed for coworking spaces

English Español Deutsch
Français Italiano Українська

  • Multiple Languages

    Gohono is international and growing
  • Lernen

    Learn from what members suggest and create
  • Test

    Experiment by creating topics and groups
  • Engagement

    View enegagement levels and re-test

Was sind die Vorteile?

  • Members Insights

    Understand who your members are and what they enjoy
  • Gruppenchat

    Automatically create group chats for global events that matter to your members
  • Grow Community

    Promote your coworking space to external event organizers
  • Members Analytics

    See how your members engage with your profile
  • Member Communication

    Communicate with your members using chat instead of email or adverts
  • Wachsen

    Help group organizers grow their group and accommodate larger events in your coworking space when the time is right

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