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Improve your restaurant's customer retention

by connecting your customers that share interests

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"Gohono creates chat groups between restaurant customers that enable them to meet offline in a social group...which is a novel approach helping restaurant managers to increase repeat customers via group bookings."

Brandon Bashaw
Gohono Co-Founder

Why use Gohono?

  • Increase repeat customers

  • Unique solution for improving customer retention

  • No staff training needed

  • Free 3-month trial

"GenZs and the Alpha Gen are stressed out most of their lives because of the bricks in their hands. We are building the technology that connects people offline."

Shane Devane
Gohono Co-Founder

What's different?

  • Leverage your proximity to local attractions and recreational spaces

  • Cater groups to timely local and global events

  • Self-manage groups or use our AI

  • Engage your customers in a new and unique way

  • Learn about the activities your customers enjoy

What's new?

  • Connect your customers together using chat

  • Chat directly with your customers

How does it work?

  • Using QR codes and web chat

  • Gohono automates connecting your customers

  • We focus on connecting people offline

  • We integrate with your QR Menu (optional)

  • Free Welcome Pack - Designed to match your Restaurant's Brand*

What type of activities?

Gohono organizes group bookings for small groups of 2-5 people that have a shared interest.

Activities can be as simple as sitting and chatting about photography or more complicated like a city walking tour.

  • Writing Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Card Games
  • Chess Games
  • Photography Clubs
  • Language Exchange
  • Painting Classes
  • Coding Clubs
  • Running Groups
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Social Groups
  • Vegan Group

Why use Gohono?

  • No staff training

    Gohono handles RSVP, chat, support and management
  • Cost effective

    Free tier available and low-cost premium
  • Fast Results

    You can join our early access and get started straight away
  • Free Promotion

    Promote your restaurant as a meeting point for near by attractions
  • Communicate

    Send message campaigns and promote to existing and new customers
  • New

    Gohono is launching in four countries in 2021-2022

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What are the benefits?

  • Customer Insights

    Understand who your customers are and what they enjoy
  • Group Chats

    Automatically create group chats for local events that matter to your customers
  • Organizers

    Promote your restaurant to group organizers and help them prepare the perfect booking
  • Customer Analytics

    See how your customers engage with your profile
  • Customer Communication

    Communicate with your customers using chat instead of email or adverts
  • Grow

    Help group organizers grow and accommodate larger group bookings when the time is right

Next Steps

  • Free Welcome Pack - Designed to match your Restaurant's Brand (*limited availability)

You can create your restaurant profile, QR codes and get started for free. We'll help you understand which group topics will suit your restaurant.

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