Improve your restaurant's customer retention

by connecting your customers that share interests

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Why use Gohono?

  • Increase repeat customers

  • Unique solution for improving customer retention

  • No staff training needed

  • Free 3-month trial

What's different?

  • Leverage your proximity to local attractions and recreational spaces

  • Cater groups to timely local and global events

  • Self-manage groups or use our AI

  • Engage your customers in a new and unique way

  • Learn about the activities your customers enjoy

What's new?

  • Connect your customers together using chat

  • Chat directly with your customers

How does it work?

  • Using QR codes and web chat

  • Gohono automates connecting your customers

  • We focus on connecting people offline

  • We integrate with your QR Menu (optional)

  • Free Welcome Pack - Designed to match your Restaurant's Brand*

What type of activities?

Gohono organizes group bookings for small groups of 2-5 people that have a shared interest.

Activities can be as simple as sitting and chatting about photography or more complicated like a city walking tour.

  • Writing Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Card Games
  • Chess Games
  • Photography Clubs
  • Language Exchange
  • Painting Classes
  • Coding Clubs
  • Running Groups
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Social Groups
  • Vegan Group

Why use Gohono?

  • No staff training needed

    Gohono handles RSVP, chat, support and management
  • Cost effective

    Free tier available and low-cost premium
  • Fast Results

    You can join our early access and get started straight away
  • Free Promotion

    Promote your restaurant as a meeting point for near by attractions
  • Communicate

    Send message campaigns and promote to existing and new customers
  • New

    Gohono is launching in four countries in 2021-2022

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What are the benefits?

  • Customer Insights

    Understand who your customers are and what they enjoy
  • Group Chats

    Automatically create group chats for local events that matter to your customers
  • Organizers

    Promote your restaurant to group organizers and help them prepare the perfect booking
  • Customer Analytics

    See how your customers engage with your profile
  • Customer Communication

    Communicate with your customers using chat instead of email or adverts
  • Grow

    Help group organizers grow and accommodate larger group bookings when the time is right

Next Steps

  • Free Welcome Pack - Designed to match your Restaurant's Brand (*limited availability)

You can create your restaurant profile, QR codes and get started for free. We'll help you understand which group topics will suit your restaurant.

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