The Future of Socializing

Needs to be Offline

Gohono's mission is to bring together social spaces around the world, bringing people offline and together in a meaningful way.

Shane Devane

Barcelona | Spain | GMT+2

Brandon Bashaw

Munich | Germany | GMT+2

Like you, we found it difficult to organize friends to meet offline. It is not easy. Especially if friends do not know each other, work different hours, live in different parts of the city.

It is true that after college work blends into your personal life.

We started Gohono because we found it much harder than it should be to organize a small group of people to meet offline.

We wanted to play D&D. But we did not know enough people.

Socializing has always been a big part of our lives — it’s where we meet new people, share our thoughts, and connect with old friends. But these tools are starting to feel dated; they aren’t flexible enough to support us as humans. Today, we have access to more of the things that we want and need than ever before. But ease of use isn’t the same thing as simplicity or ease of use for everyone.

Gohono fue iniciado por dos ingenieros que se mudaron a una nueva ciudad y querían jugar D&D. Comenzamos en Auckland, Nueva Zelanda a finales de 2019.

Nuestra misión es empoderar a todos con la capacidad de conectar a otras personas

Creemos que reducir el esfuerzo para conectarnos sin conexión cambiará drásticamente la forma en que vivimos.

Nos centramos en conectar a las personas fuera de línea en primer lugar

Nuestro modelo de negocio no se basa en la venta de datos personales

Gohono crece, solo cuando nuestros socios crecen

Ayudamos a personas con intereses similares a conectarse y autoorganizar eventos sociales en cafés, bares o restaurantes.

Por qué

Ayudar a las personas a progresar en sus metas conectando personas de ideas afines.


Reducimos el esfuerzo de cualquiera para convertirse en anfitrión y ayudar a unir a las personas.

We match the off-peak tables in your cafes or restaurant with groups of people (between 4-8 typically) that are involved in a learning or playing hobby. We help the hosts of those groups organize and accept micropayments from their groups. When you apply as a partner, you'll be asked about the off-peak times that are suitable for you.


Estamos creando una aplicación y una plataforma de micropagos que ayuda a las personas a organizar y realizar eventos sociales fácilmente.

We don't charge commission for partners. We charge a monthly subscription for access to tools and services that help manage multiple events. We have a fully featured freemium service and we will work with you to promote your business.

Quienes somos

Gohono es un pequeño equipo diverso distribuido entre Nueva Zelanda, Estados Unidos, Alemania, Irlanda y Argentina.

Personas & Tecnología

Somos una empresa de tecnología que valora las relaciones de las personas sobre la tecnología. Eso está en el corazón de nuestra empresa y en el corazón de lo que hacemos.

We work with a mixture of hosts, Language Exchange, RPG and Fitness Coaches are our top groups. Some groups meet for 1hr and then leave, other groups (like RPG) play for up to 2-3hrs at a time. Our trail running and cycling groups meet for 15 minutes before leaving and continuing on their fitness activity.

Go connect!

The Gohono Team