Gohono was started by two engineers that moved to a new city and wanted to play D&D. We started in Auckland, New Zealand in late 2019.

Shane Devane

Barcelona | Spain | GMT+2

Brandon Bashaw

Munich | Germany | GMT+2

Our mission is to empower everyone with the ability to connect other people

We believe that reducing the effort to connect with each other offline will dramatically change how we live.
  • We focus on connecting people offline first and foremost

  • Our business model is not based on selling personal data

  • Gohono grows, only when our partners grow

Aiutiamo le persone con interessi simili a connettersi insieme e auto-organizzare eventi sociali in caffè, bar o ristoranti.


To help people progress in their goals by connecting like minded people.


We reduce the effort for anyone to become a host and help bring people together.

We match the off-peak tables in your cafes or restaurant with groups of people (between 4-8 typically) that are involved in a learning or playing hobby. We help the hosts of those groups organize and accept micropayments from their groups. When you apply as a partner, you'll be asked about the off-peak times that are suitable for you.


We are building an app and micropayments platform that helps people easily organise and host social events.

We don't charge commission for partners. We charge a monthly subscription for access to tools and services that help manage multiple events. We have a fully featured freemium service and we will work with you to promote your business.

Who we are

Gohono is a small diverse team spread between New Zealand, USA, Germany, Ireland and Argentina.

People & Technology

We are a technology company that values people relationships over technology. That is at the heart of our company and at the heart of what we do.

We work with a mixture of hosts, Language Exchange, RPG and Fitness Coaches are our top groups. Some groups meet for 1hr and then leave, other groups (like RPG) play for up to 2-3hrs at a time. Our trail running and cycling groups meet for 15 minutes before leaving and continuing on their fitness activity.

Go connect!

The Gohono Team