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We help our partners grow their customer base by enabling their customers to self-organise social events

Social Events like...

  • Triva Nights
  • Sports Nights
  • Gruppi di scrittura
  • Club del libro
  • Club di codifica
  • Giochi di scacchi
  • Club di fotografia
  • RPG Gamers
  • Scambio linguistico
  • Video Podcasting
  • New Menu Tasting
  • Coffee Tasting
  • Office Hours
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Giochi di carte
  • Hobby Night
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Cosplay Crafts
  • Social Groups
  • Art Clubs

How it works

1. Connect

2. Chat

3. Coordinate

QR Codes

Gohono's QR codes help new people join your class. They can be used on posters, business cards or local shop windows.

First-time Hosts

Gohono helps you start your first group and helps you grow.

Group Chat

Gohono helps new people socialize with your group and increases engagement to reduce no-shows.


Gohono helps you to organize your group and change times and locations easily.

Anonymous Chat

New customers can chat with you without having to download an app or register.


We do not take payment from attendees or get in the way of how you charge.


No Setup Fees

0% Transaction Costs

2-Minute Setup

Free Forever Plan

Increase Loyalty

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Customer Registration

Customer Chat


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You can create your business profile, QR codes and get started hosting events for free. We'll work with you for free and help you figure out which type of events will suit your business.

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